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Socket 775 chips to ship even in Q3 2012

by on24 November 2011

Blast from the past

Intel’s 45nm CPUs are so 2010 and right now we can barely remember when 65nm chips were a big hit for Intel in 2007.

Guess what, Intel is still shipping at least a dozen LGA 775 chips including Celeron 430, a chip dating back to Q2 2007. We were quite surprised to see that in the dawn of 22nm manufacturing and Ivy Bridge, Intel still ships many legacy and transitional products for socket LGA775.

After this socket morphed into LGA 1156, and most recently to LGA1155, we sort of expected that the time of LGA 775 is over.

Core 2 Duo E7600 and E7500 processors will stop shipping with this quarter, Q4 2011, but Pentium E6800, E6700, E5800 as well as Celeron E3500 and E3400 will continue shipping at least until Q3 2012. Celeron 430, in all its single-core 65nm glory will also continue to ship at least until Q3 2012.

We don’t need to point out that LGA1156 socket will also survive even beyond this point and the fact that Sandy Bridge, the current 32nm generation, and next generation Ivy Bridge 22nm chips will use the newer LGA1155 socket, which doesn’t help that much.

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