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Possible new TiVo DVRs for DirecTV customers

by on25 March 2008


Don't put too much faith in rumors

Another ray of hope is spreading to DirecTiVo faithfuls, as several rumors seem to suggest that we might see the two power houses working together again on something more than the updates that were promised for existing Series 2 DirecTiVo users.

While the new updates for the DirecTiVo has not even hit yet, the news that Liberty Media is now in the picture may have ignited the rumor mill to full speed again. The thought process is that because Liberty Media is in the picture seems to now be fueling these rumors.

So the story goes, now with Murdoch out, NDS will not have a leg up on providing the hardware. Tivo’s CEO recently is quoted as saying that he hoped that DirecTV would rethink its position.

TiVo users still seem to want a DirecTV-based TiVo. While it is understandable that DirecTV wants to sell its own DVR receivers, many DirecTiVo fans continue to claim that the TiVo receivers work better and are easier to use than the current crop of DirecTV DVRs.

The need for a new TiVo that is compatible with DirecTV is driven by the move by DirecTV to use MPEG4 with their new satellites. The current TiVo units are unable to support the MPEG4 format that is required by the new satellites, as well as the 5 LNB setup that the latest DirecTV technology uses.

When you consider the rumors about DirecTV and TiVo working together again on the development of new TiVo-based DVRs, you really have to take what you are hearing with a grain of salt.

Even with the knowledge of Liberty Media coming into the picture, it is hard to say what the future will hold. We recommend not getting too excited, because it does not look like they are even talking about future projects yet.

Last modified on 25 March 2008
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