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Nokia slashes Lumia prices, new models listed

by on04 March 2012

Lumia 800 now just €329

Although Nokia’s first Windows phones were off to a slow start in Q3, recent figures seem to indicate that the whole Lumia series is starting to do quite well.

The recent addition of two new models, the flagship Lumia 900 and the dirt cheap Lumia 610, will undoubtedly boost sales. They are listed at €499 and €199 respectively, but there is also more good news to report.

European retailers are now listing the Lumia 800 for €329, which sounds like a pretty good deal. The stylish handset launched last November for €499, but the price was cut to €399 by the end of the year. A couple of days ago the Lumia 710 also saw its price slashed from €299 to about €240, depending on the retailer.

Of course, not all retailers have adjusted their prices yet, but it looks like it is only a matter of time before they do. So, good news all around, unless you happen to be an early adopter who dished out €499 for a Lumia 800 two months ago.

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