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CNET fires bloke who fired others

by on08 April 2008


You got to stop firing

Remember last November when GameSpot reviewer and Editorial Director, Jeff Gerstmann, was fired for writing a negative review about the crap game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men? Well, the bod who may have been responsible for the firing, one Josh Larson, VP of Games at parent company, CNET, has also been told to go forth and multiply.

To be fair, Larson did stand up for the right of the sales departments to make a bob or two off Kane & Lynch. This might be connected to the Gerstmann firing or it may not.  CNET announced last week that it would cut 10 percent of its work force, about 120 employees.

However since Gerstmann's left, GameSpot's editorial staff have fled the company like rats leaving a sinking ship. Gone are Alex Navarro, Frank Provo, Ryan Davis, Brad Shoemaker and Jason Ocampo.

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