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Intel standardises SSD specs

by on06 August 2012

All for the Ultrabook

Intel has decided to standardise its SSD specifications for its Ultrabook platform.

Intel wants to specify it for the next generation of slimmer, faster Ultrabooks and plans to invite industry players such as NAND flash memory makers SanDisk, Micron and Samsung to come up with some gear for them. This would allow the big players in the market discussing what is known as Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) which is an evolution of mSATA.

Intel wants to speed up its NGFF SSD plans, as mSATA is about to hit a few limitations, including limited PCB area and the number of ONFI channels which can be wired out. The way things look at the moment, NGFF be similar to mSATA with more PCB area.

This will allow the same number of ONFI channels as 2.5-inch SSDs, with the new generation of controllers and toggle-NAND flash memory.

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