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Nokia expert sticks Firefox OS on Raspberry Pi

by on17 August 2012

Works rather well

Oleg Romashin, a Nokia engineer, who used to work on Meego, has managed to get the Raspberry Pi and Firefox OS working together in near perfect harmony.

Firefox is still incomplete but it runs quite well on the Raspberry PI. Romashin has also made the work-in-progress available for download so anyone can play. Both the Raspberry and the Firefox OS are designed to encourage a degree of hands-on activity and tinkering.

Native applications in Firefox OS, such as the dialer or address book, are written in HTML5, and users will be able to examine the source code to check it. But Firefox is not the only thing that tinkerers have got running on the Raspberry. Last month someone ran Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system on the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi Foundation posted a clip of a seven-year-old showing off a game he had managed to create on the beast.

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