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AMD Dual Richland 28nm has 192 shaders

by on04 September 2012

Trinity successor

AMD plans to introduce two dual-core 28nm Trinity successors. A few details are known, including the fact that both should settle for a 65W TDP.

There is no word on clocks, it’s too early to reveal those, but the faster version will end up with A6 branding and the K suffix to underline the overclocking capability.

The A6 xxxxK also comes with 1MB of L2 cache and 192 Radeon cores. The top quad-core A10 xxxxK should have twice as much or 384. The A6 xxxxK supports new FM2 socket, dual graphics as well as Turbo Core.

The runner up should settle for A4 xxxx branding and this dual core also works under 65W TDP. It has 1MB of L2 cache and 128 Radeon Cores 2.0, but this processor won’t support dual graphics and won’t come unlocked.

The good news is that it will support AMD Turbo Core and the less exciting part is support for AMD’s FM2 socket. It is also interesting to mention that A10, A8 and A6 parts will support Blu-ray 3D but not the A4 Richland 28nm part.

Both parts should launch in late Q2 2013, roughly in the Computex timeframe, or the first days of June 2013. However, this is something that can change easily if anything in chip manufacturing and development process goes wrong.

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