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22nm Pentium G2120 introduced

by on06 September 2012

Ivy Bridge for just $86

Intel has silently launched the first Pentium based on Ivy Bridge architecture. The new part is called Pentium G2120 and works at 3.1GHz with both cores and both threads.

Just as any Pentium processor it doesn’t support Turbo Core, but it does come with decent 3MB L2 cache size. It has a support for DDR3 1333 and 1600 and an integrated dual-channel memory controller.

It works in a 65W TDP envelope and its HD graphics run between 650MHz and 1050MHz when necessary. In the official Intel price list that just got updated this week this processor sells for $86, which is a normal price for a top notch Pentium part.

The Pentium G2120 replaces the G870, a 32nm Sandy Bridge based part clocked at 3.1 GHz. The G870 has dropped from $86 to its new price of $75, which is a 13 percent decrease in price.

The second Pentium based on Ivy Bridge is a low-power version called Pentium G2100T with 2.6GHz core clock, two threads and two cores, 3MB cache and 650 to 1050MHz graphics, but with much nicer 35W TDP. This processor debuts at $75 a normal price for T-series low-power parts.

Getting Ivy Bridge in sub-$100 market definitely makes the new architecture a lot more attractive for many budget oriented consumers and businesses.

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