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First iPhone 5 bench figures emerge

by on17 September 2012

Wipes the floor with A5, A5X chips

Although Apple did not shed much light on its new A6 processor at the iPhone 5 launch event, CEO Tim Cook made quite a few bold performance claims and it seems he was spot on.

GeekBench has published a few performance figures which seem to indicate that Appleā€™s first in-house designed chip is a vast improvement over the A5 and A5X.

The new iPhone scored 1601 in Geekbench, whereas the latest iPad scored 794 and the iPhone 4S managed just 631. The A6 is said to run at 1GHz, a 200MHz speed bump over the A5, but the performance boosts obviously have more to do with architecture than sheer clock speed. The A6 is also coupled with faster memory to help move things along.

Looking beyond the Apple universe, the score also places the new iPhone ahead of the Exynos 4 touting Samsung Galaxy S3, which scored 1588 points.

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