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Supreme Leader orders halt to capitalist AMD Giveaway

by on28 December 2012

Glorious People’s Republic of Korea marks Constitution Day

Dear comrades, all good things have to come to an end, except the rule of the glorious Kim dynasty. Today, on the occasion of Constitution Day of the Glorious People’s Republic of Korea, Wise Leader Kim Jong-un authorized us to hand out two more AMD APUs and halt the giveaway. As it turns out, lil’ Kim is an Intel fanboy.

Comrades Aris Kazis and Christopher Storms are the last winners of our righteous socialist giveaway. We will ship their APUs as soon as we receive the mailing info and if they are denounced in the meantime, we might even throw in a nuke-tipped ICBM for good measure.

However, there’s still a chance we will hand out a few APUs, since we did not get confirmation from all giveaway winners yet and they still have a few days to get in touch.

In any case, we were glad to play Santa this December and hand out a dozen top notch APUs to our dear readers, on the authority of our dear leader. We hope we will get a chance to stage more giveaways in 2013.

Now feel free to savor the might of the North Korean People’s Army and watch the filthy imperialists tremble before our feet after the break. Meanwhile I’m off to sample a few new members of the Joy Division. (You might want to Google this, or just fast forward to 0:46. Ed)

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