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Richland successor in 2014 is Kaveri

by on02 January 2013

Steamroller B cores

AMD has yet to replace the Trinity powered Virgo platform with Richland cores in 2013, but we got our hands on a few juicy details on AMD’s 1H 2014 lineup.

It turns out that Richland, based on the Piledriver core, should last throughout 2013 and in 1H 2014 will be replaced by the new Kaveri APU. From what we know Kaveri is based on the Steamroller B core.

Back at the Hot Chips Conference AMD’s newly appointed CTO Mark Papermaster mentioned these cores and he also said that you should expect better performance compared to existing Piledriver cores, as well as greater parallelism.

AMD calls this core a “third-generation modular core” and with that in mind the Bulldozer core used in FX parts was the first one.

If you want a deep dive you should read Anand’s article about Steamroller here.

The new Kaveri core will use new Sea Islands graphics and the reference design is codenamed Bantry. However, it will be quite some time before we see it in action, probably more than a year from today, but AMD at least has a plan.

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