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Sony’s online strategy looks to be multi-tier

by on26 February 2013

Definite subscriptions for PlayStation 4

Sources are again confirming what we have been telling you all along. Sony will join Microsoft in charging for their online service offerings for the PlayStation 4. We are learning now that it appears it will be a multi-tier offering that will likely have three levels of membership.

It is expected that the memberships will be silver, gold and platinum. Each level will offer different access and experiences. Of course, at the Platinum level (which our sources say will not be cheap) it will include a number of advantages and extras such as access to additional streaming content that is included with the membership.

According to our sources, the days of Sony just leaving the online membership money on the table are over; and starting with the release of the PlayStation 4 Sony will be looking to drive content and experience to get gamers to pay for the premium membership. According to our sources, expect to hear more about this at E3. However, things may not be totally sorted out till just before launch.

Our sources say that while there will be at least some free level of experience, it is likely to mirror Xbox Live at the Silver level with no online play included, which will be a first for Sony. It is unknown if Sony plans to host gaming servers and move the online experience to be closer to that of Xbox Live, but we believe that this is likely from the whispers we are hearing and also necessary if they are going to charge for it.

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