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Microsoft offers price breaks on Windows 8

by on07 March 2013

Wants to attract OEMs

Software king of the world Microsoft is trying to interest more people in its Windows 8 software by offering price breaks.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Vole wants to spur the development of small, touch-enabled laptops. The discounts are tailored for portables with small displays that would likely appear later this year. The discounts could help reduce the price and increase the appeal of laptop computers running Windows 8.

Sales of Windows 8 have been slow, mostly because there are a lack of devices equipped with the kind of touch-based displays. Microsoft has refused to confirm the price cuts, but said that it will continue to work with partners to ensure that Windows is available across a diverse range of devices.

Top Voles have said they could and should do more to spur a broader range of device types and prices of touch-screen computing devices powered by Windows 8. However their moves have been hamstrung by Volish accountants who are loath to cut the license fees for its software paid by PC makers. The Journal thinks that the latest discounts could be a sign Microsoft is willing to shift its strategy to ensure the success of the new software.

Last month Vole offered PC makers the deal of Windows 8 plus Office for $30 for touch-screen devices under 10.8 inches. Normally they would have to pay $120. Touch-screen devices above 10.8 inches can still get the discounted Windows 8 price, but Office isn't included, this person claimed.

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