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GTX 760 Ti, 770, 780 detailed

by on06 May 2013

Rebranded 600 series, faster than predecessors

Our sources were happy to share some additional details about Nvidia’s upcoming cards. It turns out that the GTX 760 Ti, the slowest of the bunch, is based on the GK104 225 chip. The GTX 750 Ti has a 256-bit memory interface and in reality represents a rebranded GTX 670. It looks dangerously similar to existing GTX 670 boards. 

Add-in-board partners expect to start selling this card in the third week or June and they will be able to make their own custom cards. We don’t know much about performance but we expect it to be around GTX 670 levels. The Geforce GTX 770 is based on a somewhat faster GK 104 425 chip, again a 256-bit unit, and our sources are telling us that the card is more or less a GTX 680 renamed for 2013. Nvidia will allow AIBs to manufacture their original boards but the cooling solution on the card looks like the one from GTX Titan.

The cooler better known as NVTTM cooling fan will let this chip clock higher than GTX 680 and should deliver at least a five percent performance boost over the GTX 680. The card is expected in the first week of June. The fastest of them all, based on the huge GK110 chip is the Geforce GTX 780. The card also shares a 256-bit memory buss and is based on GTX Titan LE. The first cards come as Nvidia direct boards and will be directly supplied to partners.

Nvidia will make these cards at first as it wants to control the quality and make sure nothing goes wrong in the manufacturing process. The card was supposed to launch on May 23rd but out sources now insist that it might show a week earlier on the May 16th, but we will try to find out which of these two dates is right.

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