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Shield to ship by end of July

by on17 July 2013

This time for real, hopefully

Shield had quite a tough carrousel ride if we may notice. It started as a small project, got too many people excited, then it finally got an actual price and shipping date.

Very close to the shipping date, Shield got an “I’m sorry we will be late” $50 price cut and now, it has 13 more days before the end of the month, the promised shipping date. Nvidia is sticking to the story that it will ship the pre orders by the end of July, or within of maximum two weeks from today and let's hope that they can get it right this time.

This gadget actually looks and feels quite good, we are just waiting to see how the market reacts to Nvidia's attempt to make a game changer in the handheld console industry. Nvidia could do better job with its Tegra Zone and general Android gaming on Tegra powered devices, but maybe with Shield out, it will make a bigger push to get us some better games.

The real obstacle of Shield as an android gaming console is that $4.99 for a game is considered a fortune in the Android world, since most games are selling for $ 0.99 and anything more than that is not acceptable for most mobile consumers.

The sound and HD movies look quite ok, and the device can offer a lot of fun on long haul flights, but once again, PlayStation Viva and Nintendo DS are really tough competitors with a lot of games, that for the sake of argument cost tremendously more than $ 0.99 to $ 4.99, but at the same time they usually look and play better.

Shield does offer PC live stream gaming feature that will let you play some of your favorite PC games streamed from your PC which sounds like an interesting idea, but we dont think people will get attached to it, as playing on a desktop with a 24- to 27-inch screen has to be better than the 5-inch console experience.

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