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XFX launches new HD 7730 cards

by on17 July 2013

Inexpensive low profile GCN cards

XFX has added another member to its Radeon GCN portfolio and this time it’s a single slot, half size Radeon HD 7730 card. It is based on 28nm Carpe Verde silicon and this is one of the thinner ones that will find its way into HTPCs that wants some extra power.

The company has two models a 1GB DDR5 Model (FX-773A-ZNJX) featuring Dual-Link DVI-D, HDMI and VGA connection, with 800Mhz core clock and a 4.5GHz Memory as well as the 2GB DDR3 model (FX-773A-CNFX) also features Dual Link DVI-D, HDMI and VGA outputs, with a 800Mhz core clock and 1.3GHz memory clock.

Both cards feature XFX Patented Duratec IP-5X Dust free cooling fan and XFX Ghost thermal technology. Both cards are low profile that will put some smiles into HTPC owners that wants a newer core that still stays within the reasonable power consumption.

The Radeon HD 7730 is currently quite a rare card on the market and we saw some Sapphire and MSI cards shipping. MSI has low profile cards with 1GB GDDR3 that clearly stays slower than the XFX offering. The card should be available shortly and should end up below £70 including VAT for the UK and below €70 in EU markets with VAT, but we haven’t received the final pricing. This is what the card looks like.

XFX 7730

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