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Aussies love smartphones

by on23 July 2013

Even more than the Yanks

It appears that smartphones are more popular down under than they are in the already saturated US and UK market. Out of 1,000 adult Australians, 65 per cent own a smartphone. This is nine per cent ahead than users from the United States, Britain, France and Germany.

What is important to realise that the US market is saturated and is seeing smart phone sales fall because most people who want one have one. So the fact that Australians own more smartphones indicates that other markets might not be as saturated as thought.

About 68 per cent of Australians use their smartphones to research a product or service. Two-thirds of this made an actual purchase using their devices, 41 per cent used their desktop and 39 per cent come to the person for purchase after searching through their devices

A third of Aussies admitted they can give up their televisions for their smartphones, which is bad news for cash strapped telly makers. More than half of them still use their phones while watching television and 40 per cent of users still use smartphones while using their desktops.

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