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Oracle’s Larry declares war on Google’s Larry

by on14 August 2013

You done evil

Oracle’s Larry Ellison has accused Google’s company's CEO, Larry Page, of acting "absolutely evil."

The outspoken Ellison targeted Page as the two companies square off in a US appeals court over Google's Android operating system. Ellison claims that the way Google “took Oracle’s” stuff “was wrong."

In an interview with Charlie Rose on "CBS This Morning," he was asked if he thought Page was evil, Ellison replied: "I think what they did was absolutely evil." He did stop short of saying Larry Page was evil, just the actions of his company.

All this evil apparently is to do with Oracle's acquisition of the Java programming platform, which it got with its 2010 purchase of Sun Microsystems. At the time Ellison said Java was the most valuable software asset he had ever acquired. He sued Google in 2010, claiming that the Internet giant's Android mobile operating system infringed Java patents. A federal judge last year ruled in favour of Google.

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