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MIPS is back

by on30 August 2013

Imagination explains its reasoning

Imagination, which is known for its SoC PowerVR graphics has been explaining why it bought MIPs.

MIPS compute-core designs is still big news in embedded systems but ," Imagination CEO Hossein Yassaie told a gathering of reporters and analysts that he has big plans for the technology. Yassaie said he did not acquire MIPS for the hell of it after all a hundred million dollars is a quite lot of money for an IP company to spend on a business. He said he wanted an architecture we can take to every market that requires a CPU.

Yassaie wants a quarter of the CPU IP market by getting MIPS back to its glory days.

Imagination is gaining more design wins in MIPS's existing markets, such as the much-vaunted "Internet of Things", networking, home multimedia, and the like. He thinks that there are more places where MIPS's low-power, small-footprint, RISC-based, 64- and 32-bit IP can find a home. One area being looked at is "wearable computing", where size and power are critical.

Imagination's graphics IP has found its way into such emerging-market products as Google Glass and could be in lots of other product announcements soon.

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