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AMD roadmap disappoints with yet more delays

by on27 August 2013

Desktop Kabini, Beema pushed back

AMD roadmaps are usually a mixed bag for enthusiasts. They shed more light on upcoming products, but more often than not they also reveal new delays. The last one, unearthed by Digitimes, is no exception.

Desktop Kabini has been pushed back, along with its successor Beema. We’ve heard rumours of the delay, but now they are all but official. Desktop Kabini parts were originally expected to launch later this year, but they’ve been pushed back to late Q1 2014. They will enter production in February and launch in March 2014. This particular batch includes a few interesting products that were supposed to move up the ladder, from the low end to the mid range. The A4-5350 and A4-5150 are quad cores, d there’s a dual core – the E1-2650. All have a 25W TDP.

In addition, Beema has also been rescheduled. It was originally supposed to launch in mid-2014, but now the launch window is the second half of 2014, or early 2015.

Kaveri is coming out in Q1 2014, no surprises there. The delay was already obvious. Desktop Carrizo is supposed to launch in 2015, along with Nolan, which should replace Beema.

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