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Watch Dogs & The Crew both delayed

by on16 October 2013

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Double delay miss for Ubisoft

Ubisoft has officially confirmed that Watch Dogs and The Crew are both delayed till 2014. The news that Watch Dogs will miss its November holiday launch and The Crew will miss its arrival in Q1 2014 came as quite a surprise to everyone on the Ubisoft earnings call.

Watch Dogs is apparently a bit further along in the development cycle, but as the developers prepared for the final push to make the original November release date it became clear that extra time is going to be required to polish and tune every detail to make the game the experience that the publisher hopes to deliver.

As for The Crew, things are a bit more of a mystery, but the extra time is necessary to deliver on the huge ambitions of the title and deliver an exceptional experience for the player. The Crew like Watch Dogs are pillars of what Ubisoft hopes will be their next mega-blockbuster gaming franchises.

With the delay that Ubisoft has announced, Watch Dogs is now expected to arrive between April and June of 2014. Those waiting for The Crew will have to wait much longer as it isn’t expected to arrive till sometime between July and September of 2014. Specific release dates will be announced at some point next year, but we would like to see Ubisoft get both of these games right and not rush a half finished product out the door.

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