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PS4 not supporting Blu-ray 3D as well

by on14 November 2013

Joins Xbox One in excluding the feature

A big surprise is in store for PlayStation 4 buyers who thought that Blu-ray 3D support was a shoe in. The PlayStation 4 will join the Xbox One in not supporting the format. Confirmed by the PlayStation 4 manual, the Sony developed console isn’t supporting Blu-ray 3D.

What is perhaps surprising is that since Sony was the developer of the Blu-ray format, as well as the Blu-ray 3D format and since the PlayStation 3 already offered Blu-ray 3D support most of us figured that the PlayStation 4 would support it as well. Surprise, it is listed in the manual under unsupported media.

While Sony has yet to make an official comment, we suspect that like Microsoft’s comment that they could add Blu-ray 3D support in the future, Sony will likely offer a similar comment at some point. The good news is that because the Blu-ray 3D support has not been as popular as Sony had hoped, it will make little difference in the short term.

We do suspect that they will add the Blu-ray 3D support in the future and could perhaps even beat Microsoft by offering that support first. If we had to guess however, it will take a lot of people asking Sony for Blu-ray 3D support to make it a high priority items for Sony to add.

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