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Yota releases its first smartphone

by on04 December 2013

The Russians are coming!

Russian modem developer Yota Devices has launched its first smartphone with a novel double-sided screen. The Yota phone is designed to break the company into European and the Middle East markets.

Russia has been a major market for foreign handset makers but has so far not been successful in designing handsets of its own. Moscow-based Yota Devices plans to sell the phone in 20 countries next year after making its 2013 debut in Russia, Austria, France, Germany and Spain.

Yota Device's Chief Executive Vlad Martynov said that if his company’s gear takes off, he expects Apple to be copying it in a couple of years. However, he had no plans to take the gear to the US yet. The YotaPhone is assembled in China from components made in Japan and Taiwan, features a backlit LCD screen on one side and an electronic paper display designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper, which is always switched on.

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