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Save children from Apple fanboy parents

by on16 December 2013

Corrupting children early

Apple fanboys have been slammed for endangering their baby’s health by forcing them to use gear from Jobs’ Mob before their brains have properly developed. Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has started a campaign against toy maker Fisher-Price which has started selling a baby seat designed to hold an iPad at the front.

The product is supposed to encourage parents to indoctrinate their children into the Apple cult before they can walk. Fisher-price claim that the bouncy seat with an iPad holder is the "ultimate electronic babysitter." However, the iPad blocks the baby's view of the world, undermining the child's interaction with caregivers. The group cited research by the American Academy of Pediatrics that suggested screen time for children under age 2 was linked to language delays, sleep disturbance and learning problems later in childhood.

Babies left alone with iPads also could be deprived of activities shown to be beneficial to brain development, such as hands-on creative play and positive interaction with adults, the group said. Juliette Reashor, a spokeswoman for Fisher-Pricesaid in a statement on Wednesday that consumers who purchased the Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad gave it positive reviews "that show strong parent involvement and support."

We guess that parents are worried that they will discover that other tablets do the same job just as well and will abandon the Apple cult eventually as they develop learning skills that their parents lack. Indoctrination in the Apple cult programs the baby to accept that a shallow lifestyle centred on buying overpriced gear once every year is normal.

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