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Mediatek releases five-in-one wireless SoC

by on26 February 2014

How much do you need in one package?

Mediatek has released the world's first five-in-one combo wireless system-on-a-chip (SoC).

Dubbed the MT6630 the SoC is supposed to support full featured smartphones, tablets and other premium mobile devices. The big idea is to cut the component count for devices while improving ease-of-design for manufacturers by eliminating external low noise amplifiers.

The chip also integrates the Wi-Fi and 5 GHz power amplifiers (PAs), Bluetooth PA, and transmit-receive (T/R) switch into a PCBA footprint less than 65 mm2. According to MediaTek the MT6630 makes all five systems go flat out with no degradation compared to single-system operation. It offloads the mobile device CPU for design ease and extended battery life.

Mediatek has made a lot of progress over the last few months and recently it started talking about wearables, home automation and the Internet of Things. These aren't exactly popular niches for many of its potential competitors, so the company's newfound love of all things integrated makes perfect sense.

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