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Sony scores more than Nintendo

by on09 June 2014

Wii is lower for once

Sony has finally beaten its rival Nintendo in the world of game consoles. The outfit has sold more game consoles compared Nintendo for the first time in years. In the previous financial year, Sony moved 18.7 million which is quite some distance ahead of Nintendo’s 16.3 million figure.

The figures take into account the current generation of consoles including the Sony PS4 and Nintendo Wii U and the previous generation machines such as the Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Wii. It also factors in the handheld console segment which comprises of the PS Vita as well as the Nintendo 3DS. This makes the figures look better for Nintendo than they should be. The Nintendo 3DS has been doing rather well, but it appears to be the only Nintendo product which has done.

The Nintendo Wii U has been a huge disappointment having suffered from dismal sales figures in comparison to the original Wii. However to be fair the original Wii only succeeded because, at the time the interface was radical and made up for the poor graphics. Sony and Microsoft both cleaned Nintendo’s clock on both graphics and interface and the game maker has been completely outclassed.

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