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AMD officially announces Radeon R9 285

by on25 August 2014


Coming September 2nd at US $249

AMD has now officially announced its newest AMD Radeon R9 285 graphics card based on the Tonga Pro GPU with 1792 Stream Processors. The new R9 285 will replace the old, Tahiti Pro based R9 280 graphics card and compete directly with Nvidia's GTX 760 graphics card once it launches on September 2nd with a $249 price tag.

As detailed earlier from various rumors, the new Radeon R9 285 is based on AMD's newest and more power-efficient 28nm Tonga Pro GPU. The GPU packs 1792 Stream Processors, 112 TMUs, 32 ROPs and a 256-bit memory interface which will be paired up with either 2 or 4GB of GDDR5 memory. The reference clocks for the AMD R9 285 are set at 918MHz for the GPU and 1375MHz (5.5GHz effective) for the memory.

amd r9285specs 1

Of course, since all AMD AIB partners will be allowed to launch their own designs from day one, you can expect those clocks to be slightly different depending on the SKU and brand.

According to AMD's own slide, as well as some early leaked performance numbers, the Radeon R9 285 should end up 15 percent faster than the Geforce GTX 760 graphics card and should fit well between the R9 270X and the R9 280X, at least until AMD officially launches the fully enabled Tonga XT GPU with 2048 Stream Processors which should replace the Tahiti XT based R9 280X.

amd r9285specs 2

amd r9285specs 3

As noted, AMD's Tonga Pro based R9 285 will be available on retail/e-tail shelves as of September 2nd with a $249 price tag.


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