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USB condom protects from infection

by on27 August 2014

Safe charging

A new USB device which works a bit like a condom has been developed by New York-based researchers which will allow users to practice safe-charging when promiscuously attaching their gear to public computers.

The USBCondom provides a "protective barrier between your device and 'juice-jacking' hackers", according to the product's Crowd Supply page, preventing accidental data exchange through a USB cable. Xipiter, the outfit which created it, has already hit its $500 crowd-funding goal by over 1,700% so far. The company plans to ship USBCondoms for $10 (£6) to those who back the campaign.

"Malicious hackers can easily set up a charging kiosk to 'hijack' your device's data or even upload malware," the security firm said. "If you're going to run around plugging your phone into strange USB ports, at least be safe about it."

The USBCondom transforms a normal USB cable into a charge-only cable and cuts off the data pins in the USB cable and only allowing the power pins to connect.

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