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Samsung counter-sues Nvidia

by on12 November 2014

IP dispute escalates

Samsung has filed a counter-suit against Nvidia, following Nvidia’s claims of patent infringement earlier this year.

Nvidia filed its lawsuit against Samsung, Qualcomm, ARM and Imagination two months ago, alleging that the companies used its intellectual property without a valid licensing agreement, infringing seven patents in the process. Nvidia said numerous chip designs used the technology in ARM Mali, Imagination Power VR and Qualcomm Ardeno GPUs. The suit covers a wide range of chips used in current and outdated mobile devices.

Samsung’s suit, filed on Monday, is going after Nvidia on a different front. It alleges that the company infringed several technical patents held by Samsung, dealing with data flow and buffering. In addition, Samsung accused Nvidia of false advertising, alleging that Nvidia’s claims of using the fastest mobile processor in the Shield tablet were not true.

Nvidia said it is eager to respond to the claims and looks forward to presenting its case.

Writing in the company blog, Nvidia executive VP David M. Shannon dismissed some of the claims made by Samsung. He said Nvidia “fully expected” that it would face a counter-suit from Samsung, describing it as a “predictable tactic”.

“We aren’t yet ready to respond formally to Samsung’s lawsuit. But we can’t hold back on their false contention that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 outperforms the SHIELD tablet,” said Shannon.

Shannon also came out in defence of Velocity Micro, which was also named in the Samsung suit. Velocity Micro is a Virginia-based company described as a “small customer” of Nvidia. Shannon said the suit was just Samsung’s ploy to keep the suit in Virginia, one of the fastest jurisdictions in the US, adding that “this isn’t Velocity’s fight.”

“Samsung’s action does not change our analysis, or our determination. Our patent lawsuit in the ITC is moving forward and remains a far more serious problem for them,” cautioned Shannon.

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