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Ex-Intel bloke charged with intellectual property theft

by on06 November 2008


Stole a billion bucks worth of R&D

Biswamohan Pani of Worcester, Massachusetts was charged yesterday with stealing more than $1 billion worth of trade secrets from Intel.

He was employed in Intel's facility in Hudson, but also downloaded confidential documents from Intel's California offices. After scooping up everything he could, he told his superiors he'd take a week off and look for a job at a hedge fund. However, he had already taken a job at AMD, and kept downloading confidential data even while he was on his "vacation."

The FBI searched Pani's home in July and apparently found eight confidential Intel documents in the process. According to the prosecution, the stolen documents were worth in excess of $1 billion in R&D costs. In case the government proves its case, Pani is looking at decades behind bars.

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