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SonyEricsson launches 3 new Bluetooth watches

by on15 June 2007

All called MBW-150

With three new models in one day, SonyEricsson is pushing its Bluetooth watches heavily. All three models are confusingly using the same model name, MBW-150, but comes in three different "editions".

First up is the Music Edition which has extra buttons for controling the music on your phone and it also has an OLED display that show which track is playing. It only comes in a black and orange colour scheme and it has what appears to be a rubber strap. It's Bluetooth 2.0 enabled and it will inform you about new messages or incoming calls by displaying them on the OLED display or by vibrating. Iit also acts as a caller ID display by showing the name or number of the caller. It weighs 85g.

The next model is the Classic Edition, it has exactly the same features as the Music Edition, although it comes in black without orange and a leather strap. It is slightly lighter at 77g.

Finally there's the Executive Edition, once again it shares the same features, but this time it has a stainless steel bracelet and weighs a mighty heavy 182g, which is more than some phones. Hopefully this is a typo on SonyEricssons behalf.

Other common features between the three models includes seven days of Bluetooth usage with an additional 7 days of analog watch usage, water resistant to 30 meters and 10 meters range for the Bluetooth link.

From left to right, the Music Edition, The Classic Edition and the Executive Edition.


Last modified on 15 June 2007
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