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R700 is 55 nanometre

by on17 May 2007



We got confirmation that the R700, a chip that is scheduled for the 1H of 2008, is going to be manufactured at 55 nanometre. The 55 nanometre process is an optical shrink of the 65 nanometre process and it is the logical step for the graphics guys. The CPU guys will go from 65 to 45 nanometre instantly, but the CPU guys didn't use 80 nanometre either as they decided to go from 90 to 65 nanometre.

Our knowledgeable sources also confirmed that R700 is a multi core design and DAAMIT calls it Multi Core Unified Architecture. This sounds like a couple of cores stitched together in a high end chip and a single core for a small chip.

On some previous roadmaps the R700 was scheduled for Q1 2008, but the way ATI has been delaying its products, I think its safer to say first half of 2008. This is what AMD uses for years, so the little ATI will have to fit in.

If the R700 can go up against the G100 remain to be seen.

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