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HTC has announced its cutdown 10 LIfestyle
Published in Mobiles

For those who can’t afford a perfect 10

HTC is set to offer its cut down version of the HTC 10 in parts of the world which can’t afford the full deal.

Windows 10 mobile upgrade delayed
Published in Mobiles

Unlike the desktop which will upgrade you when you are not looking

While people have been complaining about the enthusiasm Microsoft has been using to upgrade users to Windows 10, the same does not apply to those on its mobile operating system.

Microsoft winning over China on smartphones
Published in Mobiles

Xiaomi tests Window 10

Microsoft appears to be winning more Chinese smartphone makers over to its Windows platform.

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Could be March of next year till you can run them


Can't seem to catch a break

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Q4 2012 earning not very impressive

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RIM knows it has to get it right


ATI's Adreno didn't develop further

With slide-out keyboard