Google says ciao to Allo
Published in Mobiles

Dead as a dodo by next year.

Google is going to kill off its chat app Allo by the middle of next year.

Amazon might spin off its cloud services
Published in Cloud

Top Augur sees it in the entrails

A top divination expert who has a string of viable predictions under his belt, thinks that Amazon will spin off its cloud business in the near future.

Google ignoring European search demands
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Rivals complain.

Google is not following European demands that it must make the search for products fairer according to its rivals.

Windows on ARM might end up on Chrome
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Microsoft teams up with Google

Microsoft and Google engineers appear to be collaborating to support a version of Chrome running on Windows on ARM.

Google goes green over Danish data centre
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Green Vikings are the new black

Google will invest almost $700 million in a Danish data centre powered by  green energy.

Google patents VR trainers
Published in IoT

You can move in any direction without going outside

Search engine outfit Google has patented a pair of trainers which allow you to walk in VR. This means that IT nerds will never have to go “outside” again, with all the attendant dangers that brings.

Tim Cook defends multibillion-dollar Google search deal
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I know I am normally banging on about privacy but…

Apple’s supreme Dalek Tim Cook has been called out over his company’s privacy hypocrisy after singing the praises of a multibillion-dollar search deal with Google.

Google Schafts disaster robot unit
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Human Robots not working for Google

Google’s Schaft, which develops bipedal robots to helping in disaster efforts, is being shut down.

Waymo to start first driverless car service
Published in Transportation

The beginning of a new error

Humanity may take its first paid ride into the driverless car age in a few weeks.

Google develops foldable phone software for Android
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Baked in

Google has developed software for foldable displays which are coming out from the likes of Samsung.