Apple and Google face music over handling customer data
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Tame Apple Press in shock

The Tame Apple Press is in shock that their favourite company is being hauled before a Senate committee over its uses of location data and mobile phone privacy practices and the handling of customer data.

Google missed blockchain
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We really didn't see that one coming

Google founder Sergey Brin has admitted that his outfit missed out on being at the front of blockchain technology.

Google's controversial human sounding AI is being tested for call centres
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AI Duplex might have a job

Google's controversial AI Duplex, which it first demonstrated to the public at its developer conference in May is being tested for use in call centres.

Apple Siri intervenes in Syria debate
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Hey Mr Speaker, what's an iPhone?

A UK minister was interrupted by Siri when he was making a speech in the Houses of Parliament today.

Google Cloud threatened to shut down a business in three days
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Self-sabotage on the cloud 

Any thoughts that Google Cloud might be taken seriously by business have been seriously damaged after a developer complained about how the outfit shut down a wind turbine project automatically twice due to retarded customer service.

HTC axes 1,500 people
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Restructures business

Troubled Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has laid off 1,500 members of its staff as it continues to restructure its business.

Google backs KaiOS
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Invests $22 million

Google has invested $22 million into KaiOS, the company that has built an operating system for feature phones that packs a range of native apps and other smartphone-like services.

Android apps will have their own DRM
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And few have noticed

Google has rolled out a feature that adds a string of metadata to all APK files when they are signed by the developer.

Google makes a stand for revenge porn
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Lobbies law into oblivion

Search engine Google has used its considerable power to squash a law banning people from getting revenge on their ex by posting naked pictures or movies of them on the internet.

Google AI will tell doctors if you are going to live or die
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What could possibly go wrong?

Doctors are evaluating a new Google neural network which accurately shows your chances of dying.