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Pirate Bay still accessible
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UK blocking failure

The British Empire's attempt to crush piracy using the power of the Internet has been about as successful as its 19th century invasion of Afghanistan.

UK ISPs censor sites linking to Pirate Bay
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We thought this would happen

It appears that now UK ISPs have given in to demands by Big Content to censor Pirate Bay, they are not having to bow to further censorship letters issued by the studios. 

Pirate Bay running
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02 February 2015

Pirate Bay running

You can't keep a good pirate down

Pirate Bay is up and running again after having been down for seven weeks since a December police raid by Swedish coppers.

Hacker out of commission

Danes might do a blood eagle

Pretty clever


Makes us untouchable


Sounds like he'll pray for extradition

y lawbookhammer

Age of censorship begins