No Broadcom takeover, says Mediatek
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Rumours are wrong

MediaTek has dismissed a rumour circulating in the Taiwan media that Broadcom had approached it about a takeover.

Broadcom gives up on Qualcomm takeover
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But says it will move back to the US

Broadcom has scrapped its bid for Qualcomm although it will press on with its plan to move its base to the United States.

Trump blocks Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm
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Nope, we didn't see that one coming

President Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump has blocked any moves for Broadcom to take over Qualcomm by issuing a presidential order.

Broadcom moves back to US
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Will be "American" two days before Qualcomm takeover bid

Singapore-based Broadcom will have redomiciled to the United States by April 3, two days before the chipmaker’s acquisition target Qualcomm's annual shareholder meeting where it is planning to mount a hostile take-over.

Broadcom's Qualcomm bid gets a kick in the groin from the US government
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Orders delay to shareholders' meeting on security grounds

There are signs that the writing might be on the wall for Broadcom's bid to take over Qualcomm, as the US government has now intervened to delay the take-over.

Qualcomm shareholder meeting pushed forward by a month
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Government (CFIUS) stepped in

Broadcom and Qualcomm are fighting for positions on the board as this is currently Broadcom’s only chance to win its hostile takeover of Qualcomm. Qualcomm is very clear that it doesn’t like the $79 offer that it thinks undervalues the company and has rather justified regulatory agency concerns. Now the US government Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has got involved and ordered Qualcomm to postpone the shareholder meeting for a month.

Qualcomm tells Broadcom to stop telling shareholders rubbish
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While US security panel issues warning to Broadcom

Qualcomm accused Broadcom of attempting to mislead shareholders with disingenuous comments about its willingness to participate in the buyout.

Broadcom lowers its offer to $79
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Qcom refused us at $82, let's offer less

The $82 per share offer from Broadcom is off the table, now the company is offering $79. This was initiated after Qualcomm reached an agreement to pay more for NXP.

Sweetened NXP deal might see Broadcom off
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Qualcomm might have made a clever move

Qualcomm might have done a cunning manoeuvre to see off Broadcom's takeover by paying a bit more than expected for NXP.

Pressure building for Qualcomm to negotiate Broadcom deal
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ISS says the money is still not good enough

Proxy advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) said that Qualcomm should try to negotiate a sale to Broadcom