Microsoft adds more GPUs to Dall-E 3
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Coping with demand 

Software king of the world Microsoft says it will be adding more GPUs in the coming days to reduce the time taken to generate the images on its Bing Image Creator.

Norway wants Meta behavioural adverts banned across EU
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Or we are sending out the dragon ships

Norway has told the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) it believes a countrywide ban on Meta harvesting user data to serve up advertising on Facebook and Instagram should be made permanent and extended across Europe.

Kia and Hyundai blame TikTok and Instagram for their terrible security
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Blame social media not us

Kia and Hyundai say it is not their fault that their cars were stolen due to their vehicles lacking basic anti-theft technology.

GNU celebrates 40 years
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I'm a GNU how do you do? The nicest sort of Gnature in the zoo

The Free Software Foundation celebrated "the 40th anniversary of the GNU operating system and the launch of the free software movement," with an announcement calling it "a turning point in the history of computing.

US and Canada stung by mobile data bills
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Something that even the UK does better

It has been difficult to find something that the British do better than the US and Canada, but it seems that the Brits are doing something better when it comes to their mobile data bill.

Google breaking bad
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02 October 2023

Google breaking bad

Google compared itself to a drug dealer who got advertisers hooked

At the Google search antitrust trial, the Department of Justice posted what Judge Amit Mehta described as an embarrassing’ exhibit in which the search engine compared itself to a drug dealer.

Apple admits iPhone overheating issue
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It is someone else’s problem… but we did find a bug in iOS

After a week of the Tame Apple Press saying that there was no overheating problem in the new iPhones, Apple is putting out an update that might fix it.

Intel starts high-volume EUV Intel 4 production in Ireland
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Big win for Europe

A moment ago, Intel´s CEO Pat Gelsinger announced the start of high-volume manufacturing on the Intel 4 process technology at Fab 34 in Leixlip, Ireland.

Qualcomm modems will power Apple phones until 2026
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Modems are hard

Even though Apple acquired Intel's modem business unit, the company failed to materialize its in-house 5G modem that works in the worldwide market. Shortly before the iPhone's announcement, it was announced that Apple still sticks with the Qualcomm modems.

French say iPhone 12 is now safe
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New software update means you will not glow in the dark

French authorities have approved Apple's software update of its iPhone 12 which they say will make the phones less radioactive.