Samsung joins RISC-V Software Ecosystem
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May the road Rise with you

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has joined RISE (RISC-V Software Ecosystem), an open-source software development project to build and develop an advanced semiconductor ecosystem.

Rapidus teams up with IBM on 2nm tech
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Turning around Japan's semiconductor industry

Japanese company Rapidus has teamed up with IBM as part of its cunning plan to turn around Japan’s semiconductor industry by developing  2nm semiconductor technology.

Big Tech has convinced investors that AI is the new goldrush
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Investors rushing to put cash into AI-based companies

In what could be a huge bubble, investors are rushing to put their savings into companies centered around AI technology. 

Chromecast 1 is retired
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Google's first successful bit of hardware

After ten years of service, Google is retiring its decade-old Chromecast 1.

Gigabyte's hidden code is a security risk
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Eclypsium warns that it is a gift for hackers 

Hidden code in hundreds of models of Gigabyte motherboards is a gift for hackers wanting to install malicious programs in a computer's UEFI firmware, according to security outfit Eclypsium.

Meta threatens to banish Californian news
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If it is forced to pay for it 

Social notworking company Meta has threatened to ban news content from its platform in California if the state government passes legislation requiring tech companies to pay publishers.

Hubble Network wants to build global Bluetooth satellite network
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Will connect to any Bluetooth low energy (BLE) chips

Hubble Network plans to launch a constellation of 300 satellites to create a global satellite network that any Bluetooth-enabled device can connect to, anywhere in the world.

Nvidia's new driver causes flickering issues
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I see a red door and Nvidia paints it black

Nvidia released its latest Windows WHQL driver version 535.98 is causing a few flickering screen issues for users. 

HP revenues fall
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31 May 2023

HP revenues fall

Blames a bad case of headwinds

HP has recorded a drop in revenue of 21.7 per cent  year-on-year and 6.7 per cent compared with the previous quarter as consumers and businesses seek to spend less on refreshing hardware such as business laptops.

Intel's Foundry looks good says Nvidia
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Might want to use it instead of TSMC

Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang said he is open to using Intel Foundry Services to manufacture future GPUs, because it's seen the results of some test chips the company has produced on a future process node and they're looking good.