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Gigabyte to introduce Draft-n 2.0 Wi-Fi products

by on07 November 2007

In Europe by next month

What many of you might not know is that Gigabyte produces a wide range of networking products and the latest models should arrive on the European market next month. We're talking 802.11 Draft-n 2.0 here with MIMO and theoretical speeds of up to 300Mbps.

Although this might not differ that much from other manufacturers' products, Gigabyte has a PCIe MIMO card for desktops, something you don't see every day. The advantage here is that you eliminate extra desk clutter, since the antennas are attached to the card itself, and you get something to plug into that unused x1 PCIe slot.

The card will retail for around €34+tax while the 802.11 Draft-n router should set you back in the region of €105+tax. We should have both products, as well a USB dongle, arriving for review this week, so we'll let you know more soon.

You can find the product page here

Last modified on 08 November 2007
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