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Xbox 360 is for life

by on07 November 2007


Not just for Christmas

claims that the shelf life of its Xbox 360 will be for longer than the usual five years. Normally, a console would only remain on the shelf for five years before the technology became so out-of-date that no one would want it. However, according to Microsoft, the company sees potential for its Xbox 360 video game console to stay on the market much longer.

Mindy Mount, Chief Financial Officer for Microsoft's Entertainment Division that includes the Xbox, said that Sony's PlayStation 2 is still going strong after seven years on the market. Mount said that this was very good, as each year that you can keep a product on the market the more its profitability increases.

Features such as high-definition graphics make new machines attractive when compared against older hardware, Mount hinted that she sees less need to rush out an all-new console five years down the line. She told Reuters that right now there aren't that many things on the horizon that she thinks are going to be game-changers.
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