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New Apple TV to offer Netflix support

by on01 September 2010

Could it be that Apple will allow it?
Sources from the sunny land of the fruit trees are telling us that when Apple announces the new Apple TV device we should expect a very surprising announcement: Apple has partnered with Netflix to allowing streaming as part of the package.

While initial reports by Bloomberg have said that this news is confirmed by multiple sources, we have only one of our sources whispering to us that this is accurate. The addition of Netflix streaming would be a change in direction for Apple who has preferred in the past to use its own iTunes store to deliver music and movies to Apple TV devices.

With the addition of Netflix streaming, this could re-energize the sales for the Apple TV, provided it also offers a few other features (which we suspect it will). We will have to wait till the formal announcement later today, but our magic 8 ball is saying that “all signs point to yes.”

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