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Kinect technology hard to copy

by on08 September 2010

Software just too advanced to replicate
Those companies that are thinking about the possibility of trying to replicate the technology and software that powers the Microsoft Kinect might want to think again. Word is that the software that powers the unit is too advanced, and any company attempting to clone it will have a hard time doing so.

The research and development that has gone into Kinect might be some of the best problem solving that Microsoft has ever done. Despite some negative talk about the price and such, the device itself is still amazing from both a hardware and software perspective.

While some buzz indicates other companies looking at similar technology to incorporate into upcoming projects, Microsoft seems rather confident that anyone who would attempt to reverse engineer the Kinect technology is in for an eye opener. Whispers we hear suggest that more is expected to come for the Kinect, and the technology has not even hit the tip of the iceberg on what is possible with the unit.

It is expected that both advancements in software for the device, as well as the software titles that take advantage of the device, have a long way to go; and the best might be as long as two years away before we see what the device is really able to do. The software titles that will be coming out at launch are said to be just a warm up, according to a source we spoke with who claims that some of the stuff that is in the pipeline for future release is simply mind blowing. We say that it better be in order to keep the momentum alive for Kinect and to sell enough units that will make developers want to develop software for it.
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