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Nintendo 3DS gets expensive on Amazon

by on30 March 2011

Overnight jump from 222€ to 239€
Last night we checked the price of Nintendo 3DS and we learned that one can buy it for 222 euro or if you want a game with it, you had a chance to buy it for 249 euro.

This morning as of 8.30 AM Central European Time, the console miraculously jumped to €239. American has it available for $249 and just for sake of argument this currently translates to 176.89 euro. This is how cheaper things are in the US compared to EU.

European 3DS games are selling between €39 and €44 and if you live in Germany you can order one with express shipping and get it tomorrow. We can only imagine that Nintendo 3DS is selling good, and Amazon has decided to take an advantage of it. There is a chance that even Nintendo told its retail partners that they can go higher. The end score is that you have to pay some €17 more for Nintendo 3DS.

If you still want one, you can buy it here.
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