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Nvidia aware of Intel as a tough competitor

by on20 September 2010

Geforce VP confirms
It is funny that Nvidia and Intel, at least some parts of it beleive that when it comes to graphics, Nvidia and Intel should cooperate together. It was interesting to hear Mr. Ujesh Desai vice president of GeForce desktop business at Nvidia that “You have to be aware of your competition”.

One Nvidia chap, whom we won't name, has told us once, “Of course we are scared of Intel”, which kind of fits the story.

Ujesh believes that Intel is a great company that makes the world’s best CPUs just as much as Nvidia makes the best GPUs. This is at least what Ujesh claims, and while we are sure that many might disagree, we are just reporting the words of Nvidia's Geforce VP.

At the same time Ujesh did remind us that Nvidia works very closely with Intel on Optimus Technology and that Intel likes the fact that Nvidia can save power and make Intel’s notebooks run longer, even with a discrete GPU.

Since we heard similar vibes from some senior people at Intel, we believe that the proverbial can of whoopass might actually get out of the picture so these two companies can start closer together to fight its mutual enemy, Jerry Sanders' legacy company that goes by the name AMD.

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