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Man used software glitch to beat the bank

by on05 January 2011

Earned $500,000 from a casino
A bloke who discovered a software glitch in a one armed bandit machine and used it to clean up in a  a western Pennsylvania casino has been arrested by the untouchables. Andre Nestor, 39, was arrested this week after he arrived at the Washington County Courthouse for jury selection.

He was charged with 650 counts of theft, criminal conspiracy, computer trespassing and other charges involving the Meadows Racetrack and Casino. The FBI claims that Nestor and two others caused a high-bet slot machine at the casino to generate false jackpots in 2009 all up Nestor is believed to have taken home about $1 million at casinos.

However Nester claims that he is being arrested for for winning on a slot machine,". He said that the surveillance tapes will show that he pressed buttons on the machine on the casino and won. The FBI will probably claim that he discovered that certain button combinations caused the machine to react in a particular way. It will be interesting to see how the coppers prove that is illegal as he did not actually break into the machines software.

The two men accused in the Washington County case with Nestor have pleaded guilty. Kerry Laverde, 51, pleaded guilty to three counts of receiving stolen property. Patrick Loushil, 42, had previously pleaded guilty in the case and had been expected to testify against Nestor at his Pennsylvania trial.

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