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Teens text like crazy

by on15 October 2010

No time for sex and drugs these days
Beancounters at marketing outfit Nielsen claim that US teens average 3,339 texts per month.
To do this they have to send about six messages for every hour the teen is awake.

Furthermore, teens are also using more Internet data on their phones, up from 14MB per month last year to 62MB per month now. The use of texts has resulted in a drop in voice calls, with teens averaging 646 minutes per month in the Q2 2010, compared to 737 in the same quarter last year.

The survey found that teens believed texting was easier, faster and more fun than calling. More than 62 percent also sent messages with content (MMS) including audio, video and pictures. Most kids own mobiles for texting and not for calling. Over a third also used it for "safety" and 34 percent also said "keeping in touch with friends."

Girls were more likely to use SMS messages than boys. Girls sent, on average 4050 messages per month with boys only sending 2539.

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