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Xbox Live Silver is no more

by on21 October 2010

Now called XBL Free instead
As part of the new website make over, Microsoft also apparently has decided to rebrand “Xbox Live Silver” as well. Going forward, Xbox Live Silver is now known as Xbox Live Free. There is no word yet if Microsoft intends to rebrand Xbox Live Gold to Xbox Live Paid, but we don’t think it is going to happen.

From sources we have spoken with, the decision to rebrand Xbox Live Silver was nothing more than a decision to make it a better fit within the redesign of the website as well as the new “lifestyle” theme that seems to have been brought on by the upcoming launch of Kinect.

Rumors of a third paid membership tier continue, but despite our best efforts we have not been able to confirm that this is something that Microsoft is still considering. At one point there was talk of a third paid membership tier, but apparently that talk died down after the recent Xbox Live price increase going forward. It is doubtful, according to our sources that Microsoft is still looking at this as an option, as they are committed to two-tier pricing for the time being.

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