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French decide to censor the Internet

by on17 December 2010

Decided to build a national firewall
The Glorious French Republic, which was founded on the idea of liberty and chopping off the head of your King and Queen, has decided that it would be a good idea to censor the world wide wibble. Section 4 of the Loppsi bill was adopted and will allow the ,government to filter the Internet using a blacklist issued by the Ministry of Interior.

The list will not get looked at by the courts and could contain any site that the government does not like. While the government has promised that the blacklisted sites will only contain child porn and sites connected to terrorism it is unlikely that governments will be able to resist using it to silence internal descent.

The opposition have been against the Loppsi Bill and are strongly opposed to Internet filtering. However they have to fight against government claims that they are in favour of kiddie porn. Eric Ciotti one of the bills supporters said he does not understand why anyone would be against the law. It should be pointed out that Wikileaks would be one of the sites filtered out.

Of course there is the small problem that internet blacklists when tested overseas have been failures at stopping anyone. All they have managed is stuffing up the internet for those who would not be looking at child porn.

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