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LimeWire up to something

by on04 January 2011

Going out fighting
The P2P site LimeWire is not sitting on its hands waiting for the RIAA laywers to finally finish it off.

While the outfit awaits its trial to determine how much it owes the recording industry, the company is trying to get the inside scoop on how much the RIAA really makes off the work it represents. According to Hollywood Reporter  the company has been asking people to hand over their internal records and documentation related to music industry deals.

LimeWire, however, is doing what it can to fight back. US Magistrate Judge Debra Freeman to order the record companies to choose 100 works that are representative of LimeWire's infringement and hand over info on the related costs. But LimeWire wants more information on royalty payments, accounting data, and internal communications.

The Reporter thinks it is about to drag in Amazon and Apple into the mess. What it might show is how much money the RIAA and its ilk really make on online music deals.

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