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Hacker hold site to ransom

by on18 January 2011

Demands... customer service
A hacker is holding the online game Runes of Magic to ransom until the company organising the game provides users with decent customer service.

The player  augustus87  hacked the game's databases, made demands of its German operators. He claims he has the personal details of its users which he will release gradually until his demands are met.

While he has many demands they centre on Frogster, which runs the game, easing up on its strict moderation of the game's forums. Ironically Augustus87 also wants better online security for its user's details and engaging in more transparent practices with its customers.

Frogster claims that Augustus87 only has an "outdated log-in data from 2007", but at the same time is treating the attack as a "serious criminal offence", with German law enforcement authorities notified.

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